About DeepDetect

Open Source + API + Deep Learning + Server

DeepDetect - http://www.deepdetect.com/ - is a machine learning API and server written in C++11 developed by Jolibrain. It makes state of the art machine learning (such as deep learning) easy to work with and integrate into existing applications. Its goal is to simplify and secure both the development and production phases by using possibly different servers and passing models from one to the other.

It originates from the need for industries, businesses and researchers to quickly fit a machine learning pipeline into existing applications, starting with well-known models, and moving toward more targeted ones while measuring accuracy.

DeepDetect allows this by coupling a generic API and a server with high performance machine learning libraries. At the moment it has support for the deep learning libraries Caffe, Tensorflow and distributed gradient boosting XGBoost.

DeepDetect implements support for supervised and unsupervised deep learning with applications to images, text and other data, and focus on simplicity and ease of use, test and connection to existing applications.