DeepDetect v0.17.0

31 May 2021

DeepDetect release v0.17.0

DeepDetect v0.17.0 was released a few weeks agao. Below we review the main features, fixes and additions.

In summary

  • Improved image data augmentation for image classification and object detection models with the Torch backend
  • Improved inference batching for object detectors with torch C++
  • Visformer architecture for large-scale image classification

Fixes & Improvements

  • fix to RetinaNet training
  • torch graph fix when loading weights

Docker images

  • CPU version: docker pull jolibrain/deepdetect_cpu:v0.17.0
  • GPU (CUDA only): docker pull jolibrain/deepdetect_gpu:v0.17.0
  • GPU (CUDA and Tensorrt) :docker pull jolibrain/deepdetect_gpu_tensorrt:v0.17.0
  • GPU with torch backend: docker pull jolibrain/deepdetect_gpu_torch:v0.17.0

All images available on

DeepDetect v0.17.0 Release