DeepDetect Platform

A Web interface to control your DeepDetect servers

DeepDetect Platform

Fast & safe AI integration: apply a validated production cycle

Datasets Building Model Training Production Serving
Transform raw data into actionable datasets. Semi-automated dataset verification & validation. Import your existing data and feel at home with Jupyter Labs notebooks. Pre-configured tasks from OCR to object detection, segmentation, text and tabular data classification, regression and autoencoders. Lower data requirements and accelerated training with pre-trained models. Verify and validate all models safely from within the platform. Safely publish models to production with a single click.

Gather all your machines & GPUs, keep your data and models at Home!

Open Source Server + Open Source Platform + On-Premise + Private Data

Deep Learning Models Library

Quickly put trained models into production. Monitor GPU usage and dispatch models as required for your applications.

Fast & Secure Application Integration

Test & Verify all model predictions, test sets and service output. Easy integration via Copy & Paste of API code snippets. Shell, Python and Javascript ready-to-use pre-parametrized code samples.

Jupyter Notebooks

Build and test datasets from Jupyter notebooks. Auto-previsualization for all tasks, from tabular data to text and images. Dataset validation is automated and best hyperparameter presets are provided for a variety of models. Fine-grained control remains for experts.

Distributed Training & Monitoring

Train and monitor live metrics. Distribute jobs on one or more GPUs. Archive all experiments, compare results and publish best models to production safely.

Deep Learning in Production is now!

Export models for Cloud, Desktop and Embedded devices. Best practices Deep Learning for best performances!

Uncompromised Performances on GPU and CPU

From Cloud to Desktop and Edge, the best in-production performances. Full C++-11 Open Source server eases deployment with top performances from virtual to bare-metal.

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