Deep Learning REST API,
Server & Platform

Platform v0.25.0 / Source / Changelog
Server v0.25.0 / Source / Changelog
Platform UI v0.25.0 / Source / Changelog


Web UI with Jupyter Notebooks and GPU support


Opensource Server

Portable Deep Learning REST and C++ API

// prediction example via REST API
curl -X POST 'http://deepdetect-api/predict' -d '{
  "service": "detection_600",
  "parameters": {
    "mllib": { "gpu": true },
    "output": { "confidence_threshold": 0.3, "bbox": true }
  "data": ["/data/example.jpg", "/data/example2.jpg"]

Great teams use DeepDetect around the world

Focus on applications, AI is not a problem.

The core idea is to remove the error sources and difficulties of Deep Learning applications by providing a safe haven of commoditized practices, all available as a single core.

While the Open Source Deep Learning Server is the core element, with REST API, multi-platform support that allows training & inference everywhere, the Deep Learning Platform allows higher level management for training neural network models and using them as if they were simple code snippets.

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Key features

Easy setup for both development and production
Ready for applications of image tagging, object detection, segmentation, OCR, Audio, Video, Text classification, CSV for tabular data and time-series
Web UI for training & managing models
Fast Server written in pure C++, a single codebase for Cloud, Desktop & Embedded
Training in a few hours and with small data thanks to 25+ pre-trained models
Neural network templates for the most effective architectures for GPU, CPU and Embedded devices
Comes with ready-to-use models for a range of tasks, from object detection to OCR and sentiment analysis
Full Open Source, with an ecosystem of tools (API clients, video, annotation, ...)