Plans | DeepDetect


Open Source

Start from single machine and configure

  • Easy setup
  • Develop & deploy
  • Images, OCR, Audio, Video, Text, CSV, Time-Series
  • Web UI for training & managing models
  • Fast training with 25+ pre-trained models
  • Fast Server written in pure C++
  • GPU and CPU
  • Multiple Deep Learning backends
  • Runs on Cloud, Desktop & Embedded
  • JSON in / JSON out for easy integration into applications
  • Neural network templates for Cloud and Embedded devices

Amazon AWS

Scale as needed

  • All Open Source Platform and Server features
  • Run privately on AWS, no third party involved
  • Choose from all available CPU and GPU instances
  • Scale as needed
  • Pay as you scale
  • Email support


Collaborative Deep Learning for your teams

  • User authentication
  • Cloud or Premises
  • Per-Industry add-ons
    (Cybersecurity, Medical Imaging, Satellite Imaging)
  • Private datasets (50M+ images, ...)
  • Accelerated Annotation tooling
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Data-science & Deep Learning Consulting