Plans | DeepDetect


Open Source

Start from single machine and configure

  • Easy setup
  • Develop & deploy
  • Images, OCR, Audio, Video, Text, CSV, Time-Series
  • Web UI for training & managing models
  • Fast training with 25+ pre-trained models
  • Fast Server written in pure C++
  • GPU and CPU
  • Multiple Deep Learning backends
  • Runs on Cloud, Desktop & Embedded
  • JSON in / JSON out for easy integration into applications
  • Neural network templates for Cloud and Embedded devices

Amazon AWS

Scale as needed

  • All Open Source Platform and Server features
  • Run privately on AWS, no third party involved
  • Choose from all available CPU and GPU instances
  • Scale as needed
  • Pay as you scale
  • Email support


Collaborative Deep Learning for your teams

  • User authentication
  • Cloud or Premises
  • Per-Industry add-ons
    (Cybersecurity, Medical Imaging, Satellite Imaging)
  • Private datasets (50M+ images, ...)
  • Accelerated Annotation tooling
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Data-science & Deep Learning Consulting

Feature Details

Open Source Cloud Enterprise
Price Free From $2/hr Contact Us
Setup & Support
Includes free updates and new features as they become available
Public chat support
Email support
Phone support
GPU included Not included NVidia K80, P100, V100 NVidia K80, P100, V100
Multi-GPU setup
Multi-machines setup
Stay protected and get support
User authentication
Strong encryption protects your business data
Automatic data backups
Data Science & Deep Learning
Consulting by AI scientists
Accelerated annotation tooling
Private datasets (image, text, ...)
Built-in AI Applications
Image, Text & Audio classification, Object Detection, OCR, Segmentation
Image & text similarity search
Face Recognition
Embedded Systems
Fast inference for ARM and NVidia platforms
Industry Add-Ons
Cyber-security, Satellite imagery, Medical imagery tools & models