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DeepDetect v0.12.0

DeepDetect release v0.12.0 DeepDetect v0.12.0 was released recently. Here we briefly review the main novel features and important release elements. In summary: Vision Transformers support with two new ViT light architectures Torchvision image classification models NCNN improved inference for image models State-of-the-art time-series forecasting with N-BEATS New local high-throughput REST API server with OATPP DeepDetect release v0.12 with support for Vision Transformers (ViT) for image classification, improved N-BEATS for time-series and new OATPP webserver #DeepLearning #PyTorch https://t.

DeepDetect Docker Images, Releases & CI/CD

Build type STABLE DEVEL SOURCE Docker image CPU Docker image GPU Docker image GPU+TORCH Docker image GPU+TENSORRT DeepDetect Docker for GPU & CPU DeepDetect docker images are available for CPU and GPU with a range of supported backends, from Pytorch to Caffe, TensorRT, NCNN, Tensorflow, …