DeepDetect is a product by Jolibrain. Jolibrain serves a variety of industries worldwide, from a set of large companies and startups. Get in touch as needed.


Our software is full Open Source. This is because we strongly believe Machine Learning is the next commodity on the stack. Beyond the algorithms, the value lies in the data, the models and the applications.

At all time, we make sure a handful of large and/or small companies are our sponsors. Sponsorships cover the fast-tracking of new features, maintenance and immediate bug fixes. Get in touch as needed.


We offer a range of services and build a handful of products with various industry professionals.

  • Dataset building and model training for high precision tasks
  • Architectures for in-production Machine Learning systems
  • Problem solving for a variety of industries, from cybersecurity to self-driving cars, health and satellite image analysis
  • State-of-the-art deep learning techniques for targeted tasks
  • Integration into existing architectures, with improvement cycle and model maintenance
  • Custom GPU hosting & hardware packages for private clouds and custom appliances or embedded hardware
  • Custom data visualization and user interfaces, including clustering, 2D & 3D visual data exploration


DeepDetect runs within a variety of applications at our customers premises:

  • Cyber-attack and malware detection and classification
  • Product categorization
  • Trend prediction
  • User textual and image content analysis
  • Satellite image processing
  • Health data pipelines and image analysis


We are building partnerships with cloud and GPU providers, software integrators and industry R&D and innovation departments.